vindkraft green origin
Conservation sous atmoshphère modifiée (M.A.P)
Gaz de calibration et d'étalonnage - ALPHAGAZ
Gaz de soudage ARCAL - Air Liquide

Our 4 priorities

To continue to grow, while reducing our CO2 emissions by 2025

  • 1. Delivering strong financial performance

  • 2. Decarbonising our planet

  • 3. Contributing to progress through technological innovations

  • 4. Acting for all

Why work with Air Liquide UK?

  1. Innovation for the customer
    We create value for our customers by providing innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.
  2. Experts in supplying gases
    We provide reliable and safe delivery methods to meet all our customers needs.
  3. We are responsible
    We are committed to the highest ethical standards.

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