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Technologies and know-how to ensure a safe, optimised and customisable inerting solution

  • Guaranteed safety against the risk of explosion

    Nitrogen breaks the “fire triangle”. When storing flammable products, the risk of explosion appears as soon as the three elements are met: fuel, oxidiser (oxygen in the air) and a source of ignition. Avoid risk of explosion by removing oxygen content in the atmosphere.
  • Quality assured

    Nitrogen protects products: pure, clean, perfectly dry and inert, Nitrogen protects a stored product and reduces any deterioration. In the absence of oxygen and humidity, the product is neither oxidized nor chemically altered; the powders do not agglomerate and the installations do not corrode.
  • Optimised inerting

    Continuous atmosphere regulation and control equipment developed by Air Liquide ensures automatic and permanent protection of installations and products. They maintain and precisely control a slight overpressure of nitrogen as well as the oxygen content in the installation atmosphere. They manage the injection of Nitrogen even in the event of a strong variation in flow.

The Air Liquide inerting solution for air and humidity sensitive products.

Inerting consists of replacing a chemically explosive or reactive atmosphere, for example ambient air, with an inert gas or gas mixture to ensure that safety or quality is maintained . To make your inerting a success, Air Liquide supports you from the definition of the solution to its commissioning, in complete safety.

Des gaz et des équipements de qualité pour un frittage optimum Air Liquide

Examples of inerting gases

Inerting gases are intended for all stages of the production and transport of flammable or oxygen-sensitive products. Chemicals, fuels, cosmetic ingredients, food, medicines...: inerting takes place from the storage of raw materials to the packaging of the final product.

Most often, inerting with nitrogen (N2)  proves to be the best choice among neutral gases to reduce the oxygen concentration or replace the air in contact with your products.

An optimised introduction of neutral and inert gases requires expertise in the purge and sweeping techniques offered by Air Liquide.

Pharma Air Liquide

Supply of storage tank inerting systems

Protection under inert gas can be achieved by  different techniques  : purging by displacement, purging by dilution, compression and expansion cycles, compression and expansion cycles and vacuuming, or continuous inerting.

Air Liquide designs reliable and easy-to-implement systems to maintain effective inerting:

  • Composed of a control box, a pressure sensor, a gas injection line in the tank and a vent valve on the tank
  • Integrating both purge and sweep stages.

Simple and customisable implementation

Inerting systems are customisable to all types of tanks and containers. The solutions used meet the technical requirements of the enclosures to be protected.

Inertage des réservoirs

Supply of industrial or food grade grade gases

Air Liquide offers all gas qualities and purities ( Nitrogen N2,  Argon Ar,  Carbon Dioxide CO2 ) to meet the regulatory requirements of the various sectors of industry:

  • Industrial grade gas
  • Food grade gases , ISO 22000 certified, compatible with food installations.

These neutral gases are available in liquid phase in fixed or mobile cryogenic tanks, or in gas phase in pressurised gas cylinders.


expert Air Liquide


Air Liquide engineers study with you any nitrogen inerting project for the reactive atmospheres of tanks, reactors, centrifuges, etc.:

  • Quality inerting with protective gases for products sensitive to oxygen or humidity,
  • Or safety inerting with a protective gas for installations presenting risks of fire and explosion

Our services include:

  • Expertise of your production line from the storage of raw materials to the final packaging by following the intermediate operations (chemical reaction, cryogenic grinding, spheronization, encapsulation, passage in lyophilizer, bottling, blister, etc.).
  • Complete study based on your specifications and definition of the inert gas needs adapted to your installations, in terms of type of inerting.
  • Supervision of sizing, installation and commissioning of equipment in accordance with local regulations
  • Help with risk analysis related to the use of inert gases, anoxia prevention, maintenance and control of the inerting system, implementation of safety measures, etc.

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More about purging and maintaining inerting techniques

Nitrogen, argon or CO 2 inerting systems  for the neutralization of your tanks and cisterns are implemented in a spirit of environmental protection, in complete industrial safety.

Step 1: Purge the installation
Objective: Eliminate the initial gas mixture

There are 4 different purge operating modes to inject the quantities of nitrogen necessary to reduce the residual oxygen concentration to a level sufficient to render the atmosphere inert.

The purge gas pushes the gas to purge, limiting mixing.

The purge gas is injected continuously, and mixes almost instantaneously and completely with the gas to be purged.

Dilutions are carried out by successive compressions of the gas contained in the reservoir, by the purge gas.

Step 2: Maintaining inerting
Objective: Ensure a constant quality of the inert atmosphere

Nitrogen injection is regulated according to a pressure set point.
Objective: To maintain a slight over pressure in millibars in the installation to compensate for any leaks from the enclosure and to avoid any parasitic air inlets.