What does ALPHAGAZ™ offer you?



ALPHAGAZ™ guarantees quality you can rely on, especially thanks to the unquestionable precision and traceability of our gases and mixtures.


Extensive offer

In addition to the range of gases, Air Liquide also offers you support services and accessories such as SMARTOP™, an innovative cylinder head.



The ALPHAGAZ™ series offers you consistent service, as well as easier choices. Our range of ALPHAGAZ™ specialty gases for analytical applications promises a range that is as comprehensive as it is simple.

Our ALPHAGAZ™ product range

Air Liquide offers you a range of ALPHAGAZ™ products and solutions to meet all your needs, in all circumstances.

Which pure gas best suits my needs?

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Why choose ALPHAGAZ™?

Experts laboratoires Air Liquide

A personalised support service

In addition to its premium range, Air Liquide puts you in permanent contact with its best experts, to answer your analysis needs in a clear and simple way, whatever your situation.

ALPHAGAZ™ experts - Air Liquide

Permanent renewal

Our research and development teams work every day to make your life easier. Innovations are possible such as bottle caps:

  • SMARTOP™ for the ALPHAGAZ™ range of pure gas. The heads are equipped with a residual pressure valve, an on/off lever, and a permanent pressure gauge.
  • LABTOP™ the new generation of cylinders with integrated regulator, fitted with an ergonomic shock absorbing cap and an open/closed handwheel, is especially for the ALPHAGAZ™ Mix range.
  • Air Liquide digital tools that make your life easier: Mixture Guide
Catalogue des gaz spéciaux

ISO 17025 accreditation

Our gas mixtures are certified according to ISO/IEC 17025, the laboratory excellence standard, which covers both good laboratory practice and document control.

Our gas mixtures are also ISO 17034 certified, which validates Air Liquide as a producer of reference materials.

Fiche de données de sécurité - FDS

Security documents

Find safety data sheets (MSDS)

Find the ALPHAGAZ™ gas reference document you need.

Mixture Guide Gaz - Air Liquide

Online catalogue

Mixture guide for all your Air Liquide gas mixtures

Discover our selection guide for all your pure gases and gas mixtures.

ALPHAGAZ™ in video

Discover our premium gas stoves.

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