Cryogénie alimentaire et équipements

When your customers want: flexibility, quality and economy

In response to changing consumer behaviour, Air Liquide assists you in meeting the wishes of your customers in terms of quality, sustainability and flexibility.

Discover the top five benefits of cryogenic refrigeration

Cryogénie alimentaire: des avantages par rapport au froid mécanique
  • Quality

Perfect results in record time: Cooling or cryogenic freezing takes place particularly quickly, perfectly preserving the taste  and the freshness of food.

  • Flexibility

Multifunctional and compact: the same cryogenic equipment can cool, freeze and harden a surface... and thus ensure optimal flexibility of your production line.

Avantages de la cryogénie alimentaire
  • Productivity

Food grade cryogenics allows continuous adjustment of cooling capacity, reduced water loss and up to 10 times faster product processing time. You can run your equipment continuously at the nominal flow rate, while perfectly preserving your product quality.

  • Performance

Save time: Combine cryogenic refrigeration with mechanical refrigeration for even faster cooling and freezing.

  • Innovation

Create and market new products in varying quantities - based on demand - and with less investment.

Surgelazione criogenica

A wide range of applications

Cryogenic techniques are also increasingly being used in molecular cooking, and to create effects around the food (smoke, etc.)

Batch or continuous rapid freezing, IQF, encrusting or forming, rapid cooling and food transport... A range of applications, equipment and gases (CO 2 and nitrogen) for cryogenic applications in the food industry.

To guarantee the integrity of the cold chain from producer to consumer, Air Liquide offers reliable, quiet and ecological cryogenic solutions.

Food cryogenics

Discover the advantages of cryogenic refrigeration over mechanical refrigeration for cooling, freezing and deep-freezing food.


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