Kalibratie & Analyse

Gases to support analysis techniques for various applications

Air Liquide has solutions for various analytical applications in laboratory environments, which can also be used for the measurement of vehicle emissions and in hard-to-reach locations, including for the maintenance of analysis equipment and for quality control.

Gaz ALPHAGAZ - Calibration et étalonnage - Air Liquide

Full range

Our catalog contains over 300 product references, including standard mixtures for emission measurements, accredited mixtures, complex mixtures with reactive components and/or low concentrations (in ppb, ppm, or %) and mixtures with a large number of components (up to 40).

The ALPHAGAZ™ range is also available in small cylinders, optionally with LABTOP™ built-in pressure regulator, which is convenient for mobile use.

Experts - ALPHAGAZ


Our experts will help you choose the right gas for your analysis and give you advice on the use of related equipment. In this way, it is possible to obtain reliable and high-quality measurement results in complete safety.

Our experts can assist with their practical knowledge of various analysis techniques and can help you with the calibration and validation of your analysis system.

Gaz spéciaux Alphagaz™ Air Liquide


Environmental agencies and governments require the use of accredited calibration mixtures (with international traceability and validated uncertainty compliance) for the measurement of certain emissions.

If the quality of a calibration mixture is verified and accredited by an independent body, supplier audits are no longer necessary.

Air Liquide produces certified reference gases for the calibration and validation of analytical systems with ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation of calibration laboratories and/or ISO/IEC 17034 accreditation.


  • Convenient and user-friendly packaging, ranging from compact and portable cylinders to large cylinders.
  • There is an option for cylinders to be trackable by means of barcodes for optimal stock management
  • Gas equipment and systems: from a simple regulator or cylinder valve to a complete turnkey gas installation for the laboratory.
  • Our pure gas cylinders are equipped with an ergonomic SMARTOP valve for easy use and instant pressure reading.
  • Integrated LABTOP™ pressure regulator.

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