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Air Liquide takes the climate challenge very seriously. Our concept is designed to minimise the climate impact of different gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon) from a life cycle perspective: this is ECO ORIGIN™.

Our ECO ORIGIN™ promise


100% renewable energy

Purchased origin-labeled electricity from wind and hydropower corresponds to 100% of the energy consumption for the production and filling of gas. We also take into account gas loss during filling and transport. With ECO ORIGIN™ you move towards a low carbon model.


Compensated residual emissions from transport

Air Liquide undertakes to reduce CO2 emissions related to the transport of liquefied gas. We do this by, among other things, using alternative fuels such as liquefied natural gas or biodiesel, as well as a progressive conversion of the entire lorry fleet. We continuously work to optimise transport routes to reduce the distance traveled.

Residual emissions from transport are climate compensated through a project that meets the requirements of the Gold Standard Foundation (for energy projects) and Plan Vivo (for forest projects). For liquefied gas, we compensate for the transport from the production facility to the customer.

ECO ORIGIN - windmills


A simple action

Using ECO ORIGIN™ is easy, nothing needs to be changed. This fundamentally contributes to the decarbonisation of the industry. You can use a gas product that has the same high quality and is specific to your industry (medical, food, pharmaceutical, etc.), but with a lower carbon intensity.


Reduction of carbon footprint

Thanks to the use of low-carbon solutions to produce and deliver your ECO ORIGIN™ gas, we reduce our carbon footprint. For ECO ORIGIN™ air gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon):

Reduction of the gas product's CO2 footprint > ~ 70% compared to standard gases.
The average emission reduction over a year can vary, depending on the molecule and which year it is.


Reduction of scope 3 emissions

Thanks to their low carbon footprint, ECO ORIGIN™ gases help reduce your scope 3 emissions. 


An approved approach

In order to be able to guarantee for you as a customer that ECO ORIGIN™ provides real climate benefits, we have chosen to have an external third party carry out regular revisions of data, routines and documentation that are particularly linked to the ECO ORIGIN™ concept. The audit ensures that the correct amount of renewable energy and climate compensation is purchased each year.

Routines and documentation for data collection and calculations are part of our management system and are certified according to ISO 9001. The concept for ECO ORIGIN™ also follows the requirements for own environmental declarations (type II environmental labeling) in ISO 14021, and the concept is based on a description of the gas life cycle in EIGA (European Industrial Gases Association) Doc 167 /11, Methodology to establish a Product carbon footprint.

You will receive an annual summary of the carbon footprint of the deliquescent gas products you use. It is calculated and complies with the international standard ISO 14067.


Your reporting made simple

After our third party has verified ECO ORIGIN™, the third party issues a statement of approval which is published online. More copies can be ordered from Air Liquide's customer service.

In addition, our liquid gas customers receive a certificate, which contains both CO2 savings, thanks to your contribution to ECO ORIGIN™, as well as the product's carbon footprint from the gas you buy. This means that you quickly and easily meet the international reporting standards.

Climate impact in the gas life cycle

Nordci Eco Origin

We are a lucky industry with fantastic raw materials that have no negative impact on the climate. For the production of oxygen, nitrogen and argon, we simply use ordinary air.

The climate impact in the gas life cycle mostly comes from the production of electricity for our production processes and from the transport to you as a customer. Therefore, it was easy for us to design our ECO ORIGIN™ concept.

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