Oxygen is essential to many industries. In the chemical industry, industrial grade oxygen is used to improve a large number of petrochemical processes. Oxygen is used in metal fabrication applications such as smelting, cutting and welding. Oxygen increases efficiency in a number of processes by reducing the amount of fuel used and decreasing carbon dioxide emissions.

In the healthcare industry, medical oxygen is used to treat respiratory insufficiencies, carbon monoxide poisoning and for resuscitation. In laboratories, ALPHAGAZ™ 1 oxygen provides 99.999% purity and is used as a bleaching agent, a combustible for flame detectors, an oxidizing agent and for silicon oxidation in semiconductor manufacturing. When your analytic and laboratory application is critical and requires ultra-high-purity oxygen, ALPHAGAZ 2’s 99.9995% pure oxygen is perfect. Both ALPHAGAZ grades of oxygen come in compressed gas cylinders equipped with open caps and SMARTOP™ valves.

Oxygen is available as a component in many gas mixtures. Oxygen in Nitrogen gas mixtures are used as span gas calibration mixtures in engine emissions testing in the automotive industry. These gas mixtures are ISO 17025 accredited and Part 86 compliant. Oxygen gas mixtures are also used in environmental, industrial hygiene and safety and laboratory applications.

Gaz ALPHAGAZ™ Air Liquide

Laboratory oxygen

Your activity in a research center or laboratory requires pure oxygen or a high quality mixture, discover our ALPHAGAZ™ offer.

ALPHAGAZ™ offers pure gases and special mixtures as well as gas processing equipment.

  • ALPHAGAZ™ 1 offers 99.999% pure oxygen
  • ALPHAGAZ™ 2 offers 99.9995% pure oxygen
Industrie du pétrole et gaz

Industrial oxygen

In the petrochemical, metallurgy, chemical industry, large amounts of industrial grade oxygen are used to optimize the efficiency of many processes by reducing the amount of energy needed and decreasing carbon dioxide emissions.

Other applications



Chemistry(petrochemicals and polymers)

Used in combination with other molecules to make plastics


Oxygenation of fish breeding ponds
Conditioning under modified atmosphere


Eco-friendly glass fusion

Construction (mechanical / metal)

Used in combination with a combustible gas for oxy-fuel welding and cutting e.g. acetylene (oxy-acetylene torch), propane, etc.


Stimulation of certain facilities and recovery of residues (for the production of specialty chemicals and electrical energy)

Pulp & paper

Eco-friendly paper pulp bleaching


Used ultra-pure for the oxidation of certain materials


Cryogenic oxidiser for rocket engines

Steel industry

Decarburisation of cast iron to produce steel and to enrich the air of blast furnaces

Other applications

Biological water purification, clean waste incineration

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Gas Encyclopedia

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Safety Documentation

Gas safety data sheets (MSDS)

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