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Use of helium

Helium is a chemically inert gas that plays a very important role in a number of different activities and processes, e.g. welding, MRI scanners, semiconductors, fiber optics, research, manufacturing of airbags, leak detection and heat and surface treatment, etc. Helium gas is also used to fill balloons for both parties and meteorology.


Helium as an inert shielding gas during welding

Gases for welding - Air Liquide

Helium is often used as an inert shielding gas in arc welding. It is used both as a pure gas and in mixtures with argon for TIG and MIG welding. In some arc welding applications, helium works better as a shielding gas compared to argon, because helium produces more heat in the arc at the same amperage and arc length. This provides a deeper penetration which is preferable when welding thicker materials that require a faster welding speed or when welding metals with high thermal conductivity.

Helium for MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)


MRI scanners, which are mainly used to detect tumors and tissue changes, use helium to cool the magnet which maintains the extremely low temperatures required for the equipment to function properly.


Give the party a boost with helium balloons!

Helium som ballonggas

Helium is used as a gas for balloons for festive purposes as well as for meteorology and research. Push your brands and products higher with gas
filled balloons. Whether it be promotions, celebrations or events, give them a lift.

Health risks of using helium to distort the voice

Inhaling helium to distort the voice is associated with health risks and you can seriously injure yourself. Helium replaces the oxygen in the lungs, which can lead to unconsciousness, suffocation and, in the worst case, death. With bad luck, a few inhalations can be enough for it to have the worst imaginable consequences. Inhaling pure helium is therefore associated with danger to life!

Read more about the health risks of using different gases, both for intoxicating purposes and to distort the voice, in safety information from the European Industrial Gas Associations, EIGA.

Laboratories & research

Analysis & Research

Air Liquide engineers various grades of pure helium under the ALPHAGAZ™ brand. ALPHAGAZ 1 grade of pure helium has a purity of 99.999%. ALPHAGAZ 2 is ultra-pure at 99.9998%, perfect for critical laboratory and analytic applications. Both ALPHAGAZ grades of helium come in compressed gas cylinders equipped with ergonomic open caps and SMARTOP™ valves. Helium in cryogenic liquid form is also available under ALPHAGAZ 1000. It has a purity of 99.999% and is used for applications such as cooling magnets in NMR spectrometers. ScottTM brand helium gas mixtures in nitrogen are available when high accuracy and precision are demanded in your laboratory.

Diving gas

Diving gases

Helium gas with oxygen in diving tanks prevents the narcotic effect of nitrogen in deep waters. Industries with operations offshore rely on diving gases and breathing mixtures for subsea work.

Air Liquide Gas Encyclopedia

Gas Encyclopedia

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Safety Documentation

Gas safety data sheets (MSDS)

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