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Air Liquide is a specialist in supplying gases and related equipment for analytical applications and analysis systems in universities and research laboratories. Our product portfolio offers solutions to optimise gas supply and keep budgets under control.

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Do you have questions related to chromatography or are you looking for answers in the field of gas supply and cylinder management? Air Liquide has a wide range of reliable laboratory gases, chemical solutions and related equipment for various research and analytical applications, including chromatography, spectroscopy, spectrometry, stable isotope analysis, emission measurements and cleanroom testing.

Gaz ALPHAGAZ - Calibration et étalonnage - Air Liquide

Full range

We have a wide range of high purity gases and gas mixtures, as well as related equipment and services.

Discover our range of standard mixtures, accredited mixtures, hydrocarbon mixtures and o mixtures on request.

The ALPHAGAZ™ range is suitable for analytical applications and is available in small, medium and large cylinders, as well as cylinder frames or as liquefied gas. Our teams are happy to advise you in choosing the optimum gas quality and the most suitable delivery method.

Gaz - Alphagaz Air Liquide


We carry out strict quality controls during the production of our gases. These gases are produced in accordance with the international ISO/IEC 9001 standard for quality management. Our certified reference materials, suitable for the calibration and validation of analytical systems, are also produced for specific applications in accordance with our ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for laboratory calibration and or our ISO/IEC 17034 accreditation as a manufacturer of reference materials.

Our catalog contains more than 300 products, including standard mixtures for emission measurements and for energy gas analyses, accredited mixtures, complex mixtures with reactive components and/or low concentrations (in ppb, ppm, % range), mixtures with high number of components (up to 40 ) and mixtures or pure gases for which the stable isotope ratio has been determined.

Experts - ALPHAGAZ


Improve the performance of your application with our expertise in gas solutions for gas analysis systems.

Our experts provide assistance in determining the right gas for your analysis system and advise on the correct use of gas supply systems to ensure the best quality and safety in the application.

Our team of experts provide support, expertise and practical knowledge in specialty gases to create on-demand gas mixtures for the calibration and validation of your analytical system.

It is important that laboratory technicians are aware of the risks involved in the use of gases and that the necessary safety measures are observed. Air Liquide's safety experts provide the knowledge and skills needed to perform your job safely.

Gaz spéciaux Alphagaz™ Air Liquide

Accuracy and traceability

The accuracy of your measurements is determined by comparing the measurement results of the emission gases with the measurements of your recognized reference gases.

Traceability is necessary in order to be able to make comparable and consistent measurements in the longer term.

At Air Liquide, the accuracy and traceability of calibration mixtures is guaranteed by product certificates included with our ALPHAGAZ™ range.

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