Testen van motoremissies

Emissions testing in the lab and on the move

Engine emissions tests are used to measure the fuel consumption of vehicles, as well as their CO2 and pollutant emissions which are laid down in EU legislation.

Since the sale of vehicles is usually organized worldwide, manufacturers in Europe not only have to deal with national laws, but also with international legislation such as EU legislation and EPA standards of the United States.

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Engine emission testing

Laboratory emission test with engine test bench and roller bench


An engine test bench and chassis dynamometer (roller bench) is used to perform stationary and dynamic tests to test the fuel consumption and pollutant emissions of engines in accordance with EU legislation and EPA (United States) standards.

Air Liquide's calibration mixtures and pure gases meet both standards and come with a certificate. These products are part of the ALPHAGAZ™ range, Air Liquide's portfolio of specialty gases for analytical applications.

Mobile emissions test with PEMS (portable emission measurement system) technology

Draagbaar emissiemeetsysteem

PEMS technology works on the basis of a portable measurement system for analyzing exhaust gas emissions. The regulations require the use of PEMS during the RDE (Real Driving Emissions) test procedure, which measures, among other things, fuel consumption, as well as CO, CO 2 -, NO and NO 2 emissions in real driving situations on public roads.

Air Liquide has a range of gases and cylinders that can be used safely, flexibly and for mobile applications:

  • LABTOP™ cylinders with built-in pressure reducing valve, which are easy to handle and transport.
  • PEMS calibration gases: 5-component gas mixture including NO and NO2 with an accuracy of 1%

Products and services

ALPHAGAZ™: a product line that is particularly suitable for measuring engine emissions. The range consists of specialty gases with dual certification to EPA and EU standards (EPA CFR 40 Part 1065/1066 and EURO 6 +7& GTR-15 WLTP).

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