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Market leader with an extensive supply network

Air Liquide is a global producer and supplier of industrial and specialty gases, production technologies and storage solutions. With an extensive network of pipelines supplying large volumes of gases primarily oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and syngas, as well as steam and demineralized water, we help you in your projects.

Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions provides customized industrial gas purification and production technologies and services to meet the unique needs of each customer.

We are also experts in industrial safety and environmental compliance.

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Basic chemistry

Our gases are used at various stages in the manufacture of base and intermediate chemicals to produce ethylene, ethylene oxide, chlorine, sodium hydroxide, vinyl chloride monomer and dichloride of ethylene. We supply oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide to be used as raw material.

In addition, we offer many calibration standards to help you identify impurities such as gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons, oxygenates, alcohols, moisture, ammonia and sulfur, and you enable you to comply with environmental regulations.

To ensure safety and purity, nitrogen is used throughout the inerting and blanketing process.

Chimie fine

Specialty chemicals

Down the value chain, our gas solutions are used to convert intermediate products such as styrene or polyols into polystyrene or polyurethane. Calibration standards are available to measure impurities in production. We also supply oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide, used as raw materials for other applications.

Fine chemicals: protecting active substances

Active ingredients used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and research, fine chemical products require an extremely high level of purity. Sensitive to humidity and/or oxygen, they must be inerted with nitrogen during their manufacture and packaging.

Air Liquide thus offers inerting, reactor cooling and pH control solutions. Our gases can be supplied on an ad hoc basis, for specific or exceptional inerting missions (especially in the event of maintenance or increased production rates).

Research and quality control

With Air Liquide, customers who carry out research, testing and measurement can rely on a level of expertise equivalent to their own. They expect our teams to anticipate their needs and proactively develop smart solutions tailored to their research.

That's why we offer a wide range of quality analysis gases, including pure gases and mixtures, as well as associated processing equipment and services. ALPHAGAZ™  is our global range of specialty gases (pure and blends) for analytical applications

Inertage, séchage chimique

Solutions tailored to customer's needs

Air Liquide uses its advanced proprietary technologies to produce air gases, hydrogen and carbon monoxide, for players in the chemical industry. With tailor-made gas and energy solutions, we are a privileged partner for implementing projects in this sector.

Thanks to our technological power and our internal engineering resources, we provide industrial gases at competitive prices. Our knowledge of the chemical industry and its applications ( inerting , etc.) also enables us to optimize certain processes for our customers.

Finally, our offer is based on an industrial management system (IMS) applied to all our operations, with the aim of reducing risks and improving levels of reliability and safety.

Soluciones para la industria química y el sector del petróleo

A wife range of solutions for the chemical industry

Industrial gases – such as oxygen, hydrogen and carbon monoxide – are essential molecules, used as reactive agents at different stages of the chemical production chain. Nitrogen, used for inerting, purging, cooling and other specific applications, is another key element of our offer. Obtained from the refining and processing of petroleum and natural gases, petrochemical products must be transported and stored under an inert atmosphere. Thanks to our expertise in the reliable and efficient supply of industrial gases through pipelines or with on-site units, our customers can concentrate their economic and human resources on their core business.

In order to guarantee our customers reliable risk management, we offer a complete portfolio of solutions for creating an inert atmosphere during the production, storage and transport of flammable products. Thanks to our network of experts, we can also calculate the volumes of gas required for inerting and model gas flows.

Finally, we produce gas for Research & Development centers and special gases for analysis laboratories.


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