Aeronautics industry

Why choose Air Liquide as your gas supplier for Aviation?

The global fleet of passenger and cargo aircraft is expected to increase by 35,000 units over the next twenty years. Added to this growth is that of maintenance and repair operations for existing devices. The challenge is to make this growth environmentally friendly: to design devices that are ever quieter, more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly, while complying with the strictest safety standards. Manufacturers want to use lighter materials, such as new alloys and composites, and benefit from the latest technologies to stay competitive.


Avion en maintenance

High quality gases for aviation, to ISO standards

Aircraft manufacturers and their subcontractors need high quality gases and equipment to carry out and simplify their manufacturing and maintenance activities. Air Liquide gas offers are reliable, reproducible and comply with the most stringent regulations as well as their evolution.

Our products are reliable, repeatable, and compliant with regulations set by the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP).

Used in the manufacture of components and aircraft maintenance, our gases are compatible with new ultralight composite materials. For metals or light materials such as composites, Air Liquide offers solutions for manufacturing structures and equipment for aviation.


Metal fabrication for aviation

Heat treatment is a process that optimizes the properties of metals intended for the manufacture of various components (landing gear, engine pylons, turbines or even engines). Our ALNAT™ metal heat treatment solutions include gases, processing equipment and related services to ensure treatment uniformity and reproducibility. We also supply gases and their solutions for surface treatment processes, such as HVOF (supersonic flame spraying) or plasma assisted deposition, to give parts their final properties.

Arc welding is also essential in the fabrication of various metal components of an aircraft. For this step, our shielding gases are among the most reliable in the industry. Compliant with ISO standards and used for welding and backing, ARCAL™ is our flagship brand of arc welding gases (argon and argon-based mixtures).

Air Liquide's offer for the aeronautics industry is a complete solution adapted to the needs of our customers. It includes gas, the technical services of our experts as well as an extensive range of the best welding products and safety equipment.

Avion en plein vol

Global network of experts

With an international network of experts specialized in heat treatment, welding and surface hardening, Air Liquide is ready to support your development and your innovations.

We are involved in all stages of aircraft manufacturing that require expertise in materials processing, welding and composite implementation.

We also offer associated services and equipment for manufacturing, assembly and material processing operations.

Solutions pour l'industrie aéronautique

Sustainable solutions

Concerned about our environmental footprint in the conduct of our operations, our solutions have been developed with respect for the environment and regulatory standards.

Find more information on our solutions for the production of raw materials, please consult our page dedicated to the metallurgical industry.

Focus on onbaord gas generation systems

Backed by its mastery of air gas separation technologies, Air Liquide is a major partner for civil and military aviation in the design of onboard gas generation systems.

On-board gas generation with OBOGS

The autonomous generation system OBOGS (On Board Oxygen Generating System)  produces oxygen-enriched air directly and unlimitedly on board aircraft. This equipment makes it possible to cover all the physiological needs of pilots (breathing gas and anti-g protection). The electronic control of all the functions of the OBOGS offers great flexibility in the management of operating settings (altimetric overpressure laws, monitoring law, etc.).

Selected on numerous military aeronautical programs, Air Liquide's OBOGS should equip more than half of new generation aircraft. From now on, it also equips civil aircraft.

The OBIGGS for the protection of fuel tanks

For its part, the OBIGGS range (On Board Inert Gas Generating System) improves the safety of airplanes and helicopters thanks to an inerting system eliminating the risk of fire or explosion of fuel tanks. Part of the oxygen contained in the tank is replaced by nitrogen-enriched air, generated on board by the OBIGGS, thus making the fuel vapors non-flammable. This equipment does not require any calibration or logistics before the flight.

Aircrew respiratory protection equipment

Finally, Air Liquide designs and manufactures respiratory equipment (hoods-PBE: Protective Breathing Equipment)  specially designed for commercial flight personnel having to operate in a polluted atmosphere following an incident  (smoke on board, cabin contaminated by toxic fumes, etc.). These anti-smoke hoods, which use aeronautical quality compressed oxygen, provide on-board personnel with the protection and autonomy necessary for the smooth running of evacuation operations in the event of an incident.

Made of Nomex fabrics providing optimal protection in the event of fire and fitted with an anti-fog and anti-scratch treated polycarbonate visor, the hoods do not require any adjustment when fitted. A phonic membrane makes it possible to maintain communication with the means available on board.

Pièces d'avion

Other solutions

Liquid metal refining: Gases (nitrogen, argon) play an essential role in the refining operations of steel, cast iron, light alloys and in obtaining a liquid metal that meets the required specifictions composition, homoegnity, inclusion cleanliness. Business specialists provide you with advice for the implementation in complete safety: injection system, control and regulation of gas flows.

Leak test with helium: Air Liquide supplies helium to perform leak tests on aircraft hydraulic circuits

Tire inflation: Air Liquide provides high-pressure gas cylinders for inflating aircraft tires. In particular, the use of nitrogen contributes to reducing wear, while improving safety.

Inerting of liquid metal: Air Liquide specialists support metallurgical customers in adapting and implementing the technologies developed by Air Liquide in their specific industrial context.

Composite fitting: Autoclave is a process for manufacturing composite materials for large aircraft parts. Our advanced nitrogen-based solutions provide good quality materials. The quality of inerting determines the safety and integrity of the manufacturing process.


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