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From hatchery to fish processing, controlling dissolved oxygen and improving performance


Increase your production capacities

The dissolved oxygen content in water varies with temperature. The natural supply therefore does not always satisfy the needs of fish for their metabolism. Enrichment with pure oxygen acts directly on the quality of the water by ensuring perfect regularity of the oxygen level and maintaining it at an optimal level throughout the year.


Improve the performance of your farm

Maintaining regular oxygenation promotes food conversion and good assimilation of food. Fish growth is accelerated, the feed conversion index optimised.


Improve the quality of your production

The use of pure oxygen in aquaculture farms reduces the risk of disease outbreaks and animal mortality. This leads to healthy and more resistant fish.

Air Liquide's fish farming oxygenation solution

Air Liquide supports you in identifying your needs and works with you as they evolve.

Oxygen supply

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A wide choice of safe supply methods adapted to the level of your consumption.

  • For moderate consumption: deliveries of liquid oxygen stored in mobile tanks or in bundles of compressed oxygen cylinders.

  • For small volumes, you can buy your bottle from a distributor
  • For the oxygenation of fish farming ponds: delivery of liquid oxygen by tank truck in a large tank made available by Air Liquide and managed automatically.
  • For very high and regular nominal flow rates: dedicated oxygen production units, on customer site, can be proposed after in-depth study.

Security of supply


Free yourself from the constraints of managing your supplies thanks to telemetry.

  • Gas level monitoring in the tank automatically triggers the oxygen supply
  • Real-time consultation of parameters relating to the installation (gas flow rates, pressure in the networks, etc.)
  • Consultation of technical notices and safety data sheets

Oxygen for the transport of live fish

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A pressurised gas cylinder or a liquid source can be used to be installed on the vehicle. It will diffuse oxygen at the right concentration in the bottom of the tanks and transport crates containing the fish.


  • Allows long distance transport (possibility of export)
  • Increase in the fish load in the tanks, reduction in the cost of transport per kg of fish.
  • Freshness is maintained and losses avoided during the journey.
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Implementation equipment

Regulators, control units, hoses… To work in complete safety, find all of our oxygen-compatible equipment in our catalogue.


Our specialists provide you with rapid and personalized responses to your logistics and process needs. They give you the benefit of more than 50 years of experience in project management on complete systems:

  • Evaluation of oxygen consumption used
  • Configuration of your installation: sizing of the tank, the vaporizer, design of the distribution network, connections, etc.
  • Advice on oxygenation equipment and regulation of the oxygen injected into the pools.

Saturation concentration of dissolved O₂ in mg/l depending on the origin of the water

The oxygen concentration varies according to different parameters: the source of the water, the temperature, the presence of organisms and the density of fish.

Water temperature Pure water Sea water with 35 G/L of salt
0°C 14.5 11.2
5°C 12.8 10.1
10°C 11.3 9
15°C 10 8.1
20°C 9 6.75
25°C 8.25 6.75
30°C 7.5 6.2


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