Transport réfrigéré des denrées périssables

The benefits of our refrigerated transport solution


A powerful and instant cold source

Transport your products with complete peace of mind: CO2  and nitrogen absorb 3 times more energy than water ice and 2 times more than heat transfer fluids in eutectic gels. The power of cryogenic cold preserves the freshness and quality of your fresh and frozen products, on demanding rounds: during hot periods, with numerous delivery points and even with the engine stopped.


Optimised operating costs

Cryogenic solutions offer an incomparable cold power to weight ratio; you thus increase the net payload of your vehicles and there rate of use.

Cryogenics does not necessarily require a refrigerated truck, you can exploit your traditional distribution network and access new markets without specific investment.


A clean and quiet cold source

Priority to silence for your deliveries: during their change of state, cryogenic fluids are naturally transformed into cold gas, without noise, without liquid or solid residue. You gain in comfort for your drivers, because the systems are disconnected from the engine.

Cryogenically refrigerated transport ensures a reduction in noise pollution, but also in the carbon footprint, compared to conventional systems.


Cryogenic solutions for refrigerated transport

Because controlling the temperature inside the truck body is essential, in order to preserve the quality of the products transported, Air Liquide has developed a cryogenic cold production solution intended for temperature-controlled transport.


Approvisionnement d'Air Liquide

Supply CO2 or Nitrogen

Two gases are used for the production of cryogenic cold for refrigerated transport: CO2 and liquid nitrogen. Both are used for transport in large and semi-trailers. In the case of light commercial vehicles and small isothermal containers, only CO2 is used in the form of ice or dry ice.

Air Liquide helps you choose the right cryogenic liquid for your products, the size of your fleet and the type of your vehicles.

Expérience SWE Air Liquide

Our expertise and experience at your service

Concentrate on your business and benefit from the expertise of professionals. With over 40 years of experience in cryogenics, our network of regionally based experts will work with you to study your logistics process and develop a custom cryogenic solution for efficient and sustainable temperature-controlled transport.


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