The Cryo Tunnel - ZR2 is a compact in-line cryogenic tunnel that is designed to individually quick freeze (IQF) small, uniformly-sized food products in a rotating perforated drum using liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide. The ZR2 provides a faster freezing time and better cryogen efficiency as compared to other types of IQF freezers.

It is ideal for those processors that need increased productivity, improved clean-ability plus ease of operation and maintenance with a minimal capital investment and installation cost.

What is IQF freezing ?

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) freezing is used to continuously crust and freeze small fragile products or individual products with various applications:

  • Freezing products before coating
  • Freezing/chilling products before more elaborate manufacturing (e.g. fruits before inserting them into yogurt)
  • Crust products before dosing or freezing
  • Increase your production capacity, upstream of mechanical freezing
  • Prepare a smooth and clean surface before deep freezing
  • Freeze liquid or semi-liquid products


  • Better cryogen efficiency
  • Faster freezing times
  • Increased productivity

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