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The CRYO TUNNEL FP1 is an  in-line cryogenic freezer, with fully welded modular sections, which can be easily  integrated  into any  food processing line.

It is used to  deep-freeze or surface-freeze, or efficiently chill almost any type of food product using liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide, ensuring exceptional product quality.

The  CRYO TUNNEL FP1  is part of the Nexelia for Freezing and Chilling solution, dedicated to the process industries for cryogenic freezing or cooling of food products. This solution combines:

  • Food grade gases compliant with the standards required for use in the food industry, including HACCP certification;
  • Technical and specialist  assistance


The CRYO TUNNEL FP1 has  several advantages for food business operators:

  • Productivity increase up to 20%
  • Excellent cryogenic efficiency with savings of up to 10%
  • New  hygienic features to eliminate cleaning and safety problems
  • Compact design, minimum footprint
  • Safety and simplicity of installation and use
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Quick and easy to clean


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