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The benefits of cryogenic food refrigeration



Accuracy and speed

Cryogenic fluids provide a large quantity of cold temperatures instantly: 1 kg CO2 or 1 kg of nitrogen releases 80 cold temperatures on average. The cooling is precise to the nearest degree and homogeneous.




The cooling capacity is adjustable according to the desired cooling speed and the quantity of cold required, which makes it possible to treat different products with the same installation.



Time saving

The overall product processing time is very short thanks to the high cooling rate. The utilisation rate of the equipment is optimised because its flow rate is kept nominal and constant.



Easy integration into your workshops

Simple in design, cooling equipment is easy to set up and clean, and integrates into your production line with little disruption.



Taste and nutritional qualities of the products are preserved

A rapid lowering of the temperature stops the biological, bacteriological and physico-chemical evolution of the product. The freshness and taste of the products are kept intact.

Cryogenic food refrigeration

With Air Liquide you benefit from complete cryogenic refrigeration solutions, adapted to your manufacturing process, with a combination of gas, equipment and technical expertise.

Approvisionnement d'Air Liquide

Supply of food grade gases such as liquid nitrogen or CO2

Two gases are used in the cryogenic cooling process:

  • Food grade nitrogen (N2)
  • Food grade carbon dioxide (CO2)

Air Liquide helps you choose the right cryogenic liquid, depending on your process, the gases already present on your site, and your geographic location.

All our cryogenic food grade gases are ISO 22000 certified.


équipements cryogénie alimentaire Air Liquide

Food grade equipment for your products

Air Liquide offers two types of solutions to cool your products:

  • Installation of our cooling equipment in your production line (tunnel, cell), and/or
  • The integration of our materials to bring cold to your own equipment


Expérience SWE Air Liquide

Our expertise at your service

In addition to the simple supply of gas and the technical control of cryogenic processes, Air Liquide supports and advises you with your entire project, up to the commissioning in production and the maintenance of your equipment.

Our experience is:

  • More than 1,200 worldwide references
  • Food experts working in a global network. A local team dedicated to your project

Temperature control at every stage of the manufacturing process

In addition to maintaining product quality, refrigeration and temperature control operations make it possible to optimise industrial processes and handle complex products.


Role of the cryogenic process



Compensate for heat input
due to mechanical effects
in mixers, mincers, cutters, etc.


Meat, processed poultry.


Control the particle size of the
powders and reduce clogging
of the grinders.

Spices, fats, vegetables seeds.

Freezing of soft products
to obtain a clean and fine slice

Fish, ham, creamy bisucits


Control the temperature when
grating or cutting products in to cubes.
Avoid caking and condensation phenomena
inside the bags.

Grated or diced cheese.

Compensate for heat input
due to mechanical effects in the

Bakery products, fresh pasta.

Ensure the homogenity of the

Limit microbiological development.

Processed meats and poultry


Shape retention by hardening
a surface

Ice creams, extruded vegetable proteins


Limitation of the phenomena of diffusion
of coating components towards the product

Fried meat or vegetables.


Heat treatment

Cooling of the product befoe
packaging to save time and/or
space on the production line

Cooked meals, vegetable proteins.

Cakes and pastry baked goods.


Control the flow of products without
sticking or caking

Mix of vegetables, powders,




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