The Cryo Tunnel-ZF3 is a stainless steel in-line cryogenic tunnel that can be easily integrated into any food processing line. The Cryo Tunnel-ZF3 offers the versatility to efficiently freeze, crust freeze or chill nearly any type of food product using liquid nitrogen while ensuring exceptional product quality. It is ideal for those processors that need increased productivity, improved clean-ability plus ease of operation and maintenance, with a minimal capital investment and installation cost.

The Cryo Tunnel-ZF3 is available in 4 freezing zone lengths and 2 belt widths in order to meet the specific productivity, space and installation requirements of the
food processor.


The processes that we have developed make it possible to increase the freezing speed. Ultra-fast, cryogenic freezing prevents:

  • Superficial dehydration of your products and therefore weight loss
  • Sticking products together (IQF freezing of fragile products)


In the context of combined freezing (mechanical cold combined with cryogenic cold), cryogenic crusting is used for a dual purpose:

  • Stabilize foodstuffs before entering them in a mechanical freezer
  • Maintain shape and limit water loss.
  • Avoid sticking for conveying and packaging.

Freezing products on the surface:

  • Rigidise the surface of the product before cutting to slice them at high speed and improve your productivity.
  • Harden the product before grinding. The solidity thus obtained avoids any pasty mixture or any destructuring of the product.
  • Coat complex products (ice cream) with a coulis, chocolate or topping.
  • This application eliminates manufacturing defects (deformation, marking, sticking).

Technical characteristics

  • Performance: its aerodynamically optimized ventilation system enables better control of production capacity and technical operating costs.
  • Versatility: CRYO TUNNEL - ZF3 brings the right amount of cold to all your products, whatever their size and composition.
  • Secure and simplified management: alarms notify you of any cold treatment deviations. Control of the device is simplified, any malfunction is self-diagnosed, simple messages guide the user.
Characteristic Detail
Type Tunnel
Operating mode Continous
Gas Liquid Nitrogen / Liquid CO₂
Principle Projection on a fully automated conveyor belt with associated web services
Processing capacity 200 to 2 000 kg / hour
Passage time (Min/Max) 8 seconds / 52 minutes
Dimensions 6 to 25 m² (8 models)


  • Optimising cooling yields: The products are conveyed by a belt adapted to their characteristics. In the freezing chamber, the cold gases circulate against the current. They come from an injection of cryogenic fluid carried out in the “cold booster” zone.
  • Simplify use: A touch screen makes it easy to control the machine. During production changes, a simple recipe changeover allows rapid adaptation of the operating parameters.
  • Facilitate cleaning : The shell of the tunnel can be raised. Easy access to the inside of the machine and the absence of a retention zone allow this equipment to be cleaned in less than 20 minutes.

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