Surgélation cryogénique

Our cryogenic freezing solution for food products brings you:


Safeguard the freshness, texture and flavour of products

Thanks to a very rapid drop in temperature at the core, cryogenic freezing ensures micro crystallization of water in the cells, preserving there integrity and the texture of food products.


Flexibility and productivity gains

Cryogenic equipment can adapt to any change in production, by adjusting the flow rate and the set temperature of the fluid. In addition, since water losses linked to dehydration are limited, your product yield is optimised.


Space saving and ease of integration

At power equivalent to conventional mechanical cold, cryogenic equipment is less bulky and can be adapted to many configurations. Simple in design, they are quickly operational and fit naturally into the existing production line.


Optimised utilisation rate

Cryogenic equipment is mechanically very simple, without a compressor, which implies less maintenance, less defrosting. Easy and fast cleaning is due to the better accessibility. This reduces downtime.

Our cryogenic freezing solution for food products optimses the performance of your products

With Air Liquide, benefit from complete cryogenic freezing solutions adapted to your
manufacturing process, combining gas, equipment and technical expertise.


Approvisionnement d'Air Liquide

Supply of food grade liquid Nitrogen

In the cryogenic freezing process, liquid nitrogen is the main gas used. To meet current food safety requirements and regulations, Air Liquide offers food grade Nitrogen, ISO 22000 certified.


équipements cryogénie alimentaire Air Liquide

Our equipment for your food products

Air Liquide offers a wide range of freezing equipment to meet strict hygiene and food safety standards, and operate efficiently and sustainably:

  • Cabinets or cells for discontinuous freezing (batch).
  • Linear tunnels, mono-belt and multi-belt, for continuous freezing.
  • Specific equipment for freezing IQF products, for coating, solidifying fat, etc.
Expérience SWE Air Liquide

Our expertise and experience at your service

Our expertise covers project management, budget approach, equipment installation, commissioning, and after-sales service. An innovation, a new process need?

We provide a variety of resources: modeling tools, tests, Research and Development teams, network of equipment partners, etc.

Our experience is:

  • Over 40 years of innovation in food cryogenics
  • More than 1,200 worldwide references
  • A local local team dedicated to your project


There is a solution for every cooling need

To support the diversification of the offer in the agri-food sector, Air Liquide has developed innovative cryogenic solutions for freezing all types of food, both solid and liquid.

Application Equipment Type Gas
Freezing Cryo Cabinet Cell (batch) Food grade freeze 1
Food grade freeze 2
Cryo Tunnel - FP1

Stainless steel belt tunnel (continuous)

Cryo Tunnel - ZF3
Cryo Tunnel - EZ1
Cryo Tunnel - EZ1M Multi-pass tunnel
Cryo Tunnel - MP1 Multi-belt tunnel with product reversal
Cryo Drop Bulk mixer
Cryo Tunnel - CFP Polyester carpet tunnel (continuous) Food grade freeze 1
Cryo Cristallizer - M Liquid nitrogen spray enclosure
IQF freezing Cryo Tunnel - MP1 Multi-belt tunnel with product reversal Food grade freeze 1
Food grade freeze 2
Cryo Tunnel - ZR2 Perforated rotary drum
Cryo Immersion Unit - CFB Vibrating trough Food grade freeze 1
Cryo Injector - CB3 Injector for mixer by low injection Food grade freeze 1
Food grade freeze 2

Cryogenic cold Vs mechanical cold

If mechanical refrigeration is a very widespread technology, cryogenic refrigeration offers many advantages, sometimes unrecognized, in terms of product quality, freezing speed, flexibility of installations. Air Liquide explains the advantages of cryogenic cold and the difference with mechanical cold.


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