Analyse van brandstoffen
Hoogwaardige analytische gassen ter ondersteuning van de energietransitie

High-performance analytical gases to support the energy transition

The energy transition means that we must build a solid and diverse network of sustainable energy sources. Renewable energy sources play a crucial role in this.

Consequently, the energy market faces the challenge of assessing the quality of the changing physical and chemical characteristics of new energy sources such as biogases and energy carriers such as hydrogen. For example, it can be assessed to what extent these gases can be injected into existing natural gas networks.

To ensure the safety and reliability of new and renewable gaseous fuels, it is important to have accurate measurements that can be linked to recognised standards.

Fuels and carbon dioxide (CO2)

In order to be able to trade fuels such as biomethane, natural gas, refinery gas, hydrogen and to support CO2 capture techniques, their exact gas composition must be known. Only in this way does the buyer know for sure which quality he is purchasing.

Kalibratiegassen voor de analyse van de aardgas.

Calibration gases for the analysis of natural gas.

Natural gas consists almost entirely of methane (CH4 ). It is transported via pipelines to processing plants, where it is then used as processed natural gas as an energy source. When pipeline transportation is not possible or cost-effective, natural gas can be treated and cooled to a liquid form (LNG), making it easier to store in terminals and transport over long distances.

Air Liquide's Alphagaz range of pure gases and calibration mixtures is ideally suited for testing during the production, processing and conversion of natural gas to LNG. Afterwards, the Alphagaz solutions can also be used for tests during long-distance transport and during regasification.

Hoogwaardige analytische gassen ter ondersteuning van de energietransitie

Gases for quality analysis of biogas and biomethane

Biomass gasification is a process in which solid biomass (wood chips, dried biowaste, etc.) is converted into a gaseous product (biogas) and a solid product (biochar).

Biogas can be used as a fuel for the production of heat and electricity or converted into biomethane (biosynthetic natural gas). Biomethane is comparable to natural gas and can be injected into the existing gas network.

The Alphagaz range of pure gases and calibration mixtures can be used for biogas analysis and quality analysis when injecting biomethane into the natural gas grid.

Analyse voor raffinaderijgas

Analysis for refinery gas

Calibration mixtures with which the composition of refinery gas can be checked, as well as the calorific value.

Refining residual gases (RFG) are mixtures of methane, light hydrocarbons, hydrogen and other gases. RFGs are created during the refining of crude oil as by-products.

Air Liquide's Alphagaz range of pure gases and calibration mixtures facilitates test methods to verify the composition of refinery gases, as well as the calculation of carbon content and calorific value.

Waterstofanalyses, monsternemingsdiensten en analytische gassen om de kwaliteit van waterstof te kunnen waarborgen.

Hydrogen analysis, sampling services and analytical gases to guarantee the quality of hydrogen.

Hydrogen is increasingly used as an energy carrier. It can be used as a climate neutral fuel to generate heat and to power vehicles. In addition, hydrogen is also used as a building block for other substances in industry.

Air Liquide supplies gases and equipment for hydrogen analysis, but also has its own sampling services that operate in accordance with international standards.

Mélanges d'étalonnage

Calibration mixes to support carbon dioxide analysis for carbon capture & storage (CCS, CCU, CCUS)

CCS (or CCU, CCUS) is a collective name for techniques related to the capture, transport and underground storage of CO2.

Thanks to these techniques, fossil fuels can be used in an almost climate neutral way.

The Alphagaz range helps with quality measurements during injection, storage and transport of CO2, to ensure it meets the required quality.

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