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Our solutions for research and analysis of emissions

To ensure correct emission measurements, gases of the best possible quality are required, as well as calibration mixtures that comply with local and European standards. We offer solutions for stationary and mobile emission measurements.


Reference gases for measuring emissions.

Air Liquide has a wide range of reliable gases and solutions for various analytical applications. These can be used not only in a laboratory environment, but also in measurement vehicles or in hard-to-reach locations for the maintenance of analysis equipment and control of quality and legislation.

Full range

Gaz de calibration ALPHAGAZ d'Air Liquide

Our catalog contains more than 300 products, including standard mixtures for emission measurements, accredited mixtures, complex mixtures with reactive components and/or low concentrations (in ppb, ppm, % range) and mixtures with a large number (up to 40) components. The ALPHAGAZ™ range is also available in small cylinders, making it particularly suitable for mobile analytical applications. The ALPHAGAZ™ cylinders can optionally be supplied with a LABTOP™ pressure regulator.


Experts - ALPHAGAZ

Our experts help you choose the right gas for your analysis system and provide advice to ensure the best quality and safety.

They provide support, expertise and practical knowledge related to calibrating and validating your emission measurement analysis system.


Accuracy and traceability

Gaz - Alphagaz Air Liquide

The accuracy of your measurements is determined by comparing the measurement results of the emission gases with the measurements of your recognised reference gases.

Traceability is necessary in order to be able to make comparable and consistent measurements in the longer term.

At Air Liquide, the accuracy and traceability of the calibration mixtures is guaranteed by product certificates included with our ALPHAGAZ™ range.


Gaz spéciaux Alphagaz™ Air Liquide

Environmental agencies and governments require the use of accredited calibration mixtures with recognized international traceability and validation to perform certain emission measurements.

The quality of accredited calibration mixtures is independently verified, eliminating the need for supplier audits.

These certified reference materials for the calibration and validation of analytical systems are manufactured by Air Liquide under ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory accreditation and/or ISO/IEC 17034 accreditation as a reference materials manufacturer.


LABTOP™  volant ouvert fermé Air Liquide
  • Handy and user-friendly packaging, ranging from small, portable cylinders to large gas cylinders.
  • Solutions to facilitate mobility during use
  • Available with LABTOP™ pressure regulator.
  • There is an option for cylinders to be traceable by means of barcodes for optimal stock management

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