Periodieke inspectie uitlaatgassen van voertuig

Vehicle inspection


An important part of the vehicle inspection is the measurement of the exhaust gases with certified analysis equipment. This makes it possible to check whether the exhaust gas emissions still comply with prescribed legislation.

Four-gas test

The four-gas test measures four gases with analytical equipment: oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrocarbons (HC). The analysis results indicate whether the catalytic converter and the lambda sensor are still OK.



Legislation requires analysers used to test vehicles to be type-approved by a national recognised body. In addition, the instrument must be calibrated using accredited reference gases.

Calibration gases

Specific gas compositions are used to calibrate the exhaust gas test equipment. These reference gases are prescribed in OIML recommendation R099 "Instruments for the measurement of vehicle exhaust emissions" and must be produced according to the ISO-17025 standard for quality management in laboratories.  


  • Convenient and user-friendly packaging, ranging from portable small cylinders to large cylinders.
  • Standard range of mixed gases, available from stock
  • There is an option for cylinders to be traceable by means of barcodes for optimal stock management
  • Compact and portable equipment to facilitate mobile applications
  • Available with built-in LABTOP™ pressure regulator



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