How does the LABTOP™ bottle transform your calibration experience and maximise your productivity?


Save money with LABTOP™

With our bottles, you will save gas: no more leaks, no need to purge the regulator. The regulator is integrated, so you will no longer need to buy or replace it.


Save time with LABTOP™

The LABTOP™ bottle is ready to use, and connection is quick. The permanent display of the residual gas level allows you to know the filling level of the bottle at a glance. Air Liquide manages all maintenance operations.


Reinforce security with LABTOP™

There is no exposure to high pressure thanks to the built-in regulator. The open/closed steering wheel allows you to immediately stop the gas supply. The protective hat absorbs shocks in the event of a fall. The non-return valve prevents any risk of contamination by backdiffusion.


LABTOP™- easy to handle and operate

LABTOP™ bottles are easy to handle and transport. The quality of the gas mixture is guaranteed after expansion. The integrated double trigger offers a stable operating pressure, and guarantees you more quality and precision in your calibration operation.

The Air Liquide laboratory gas offer

Air Liquide offers you offers based on your real needs, and its expertise in the fields of gas and calibration.


New generation of cylinders with integrated regulator valve

New generation LABTOP™ gas cylinders are not exposed to high pressure. Open/closed status at a glance allows you to improve your gas calibration operations. The built-in regulator ensures you always have the right regulator, and never have to bleed it again.

Chapeau ergonomique LABTOP™ Air Liquide

Ergonomic, shock absorbing top

The ergonomic bonnet ensures permanent and reliable protection of the regulator valve. It also allows you immediate access to all functions, and easy handling.

LABTOP™  volant ouvert fermé Air Liquide

Steering wheel open/closed

The open/closed hand wheel allows immediate stopping of the gas supply. The pressure gauge has been designed for visualization of the working pressure and the amount of residual gas in the cylinder.

LABTOP™ advantages

Savings Time saving Enhanced security Easy to use

Gas savings (no more leaks or purges)

Integrated regulator (no more purchases or replacements to be expected)

Quick connect

Residual gas level display

Management of maintenance operations by Air Liquide

No exposure to high pressure

Immediate gas stop thanks to the open/closed steering wheel

Shock absorption in the event of a fall

Check valve

Easy handling and transport

Guaranteed gas mixture

Accuracy and quality guaranteed thanks to the double trigger

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