Innovations to protect the taste, colour and texture of beverages

Major players in the food industry have trusted Air Liquide for more than 30 years.
Our industrial mastery is widely recognised, as well as our ability to integrate the regulatory context and support our customers over the long term.

Air Liquide teams work tirelessly to offer quality gases and services for wineries, breweries and spirits producers. Our sales teams, supported by our global network of experts, enable our customers to launch ever more innovative, tastier, healthier products at optimised costs.

Gases alimentares ALIGAL Air Liquide

An offer dedicated to market requirements: food safety with certified gases

Air Liquide, a pioneer in the food industry field thanks to a rigorous and certified industrial management system – anticipated the health regulations applied to food gases and now offers standards that go beyond the required norms.

Our food grade gases comply with traceability requirements and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) standards for the production and logistics of fluids intended for the food industry with ISO 22000 certification. HACCP is a system that identifies, assesses and controls significant food safety hazards. Our food grade gases meet very strict specifications, beyond the required criteria, and their traceability is ensured throughout the distribution chain.

Soda et boissons non alcoolisées

Carbonated soft drinks

Soft drinks owe their bubbles to the process of carbonation: a physical process by which a liquid is enriched with carbon dioxide. A beverage ingredient in its own right, our food grade carbon dioxide meets the quality and traceability requirements of large multinationals, thanks to an FSSC 22000 certification program covering all our carbon dioxide plants. Our food grade mixtures, specially designed for carbonation, bring you the guarantee of quality and traceability that you need, in compliance with European regulations and standards specific to the beverage industry such as FSSC 22000 and ISBT.

Jus en bouteille

Non-carbonated drinks

Controlling oxidation is essential in the production of non-carbonated beverages. Our dissolved oxygen management solutions allow the injection of nitrogen at different stages of the manufacturing process to thus preserve the quality of beverages, in particular their vitamin content. Air Liquide has developed solutions to efficiently achieve optimal production of beverages such as water, juices, tea and coffee.

  • Our offering includes certified gases for beverages (such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen), as well as equipment and services for handling gases.
  • From oxygen management to packaging optimization, we offer a wide range of solutions to help meet your needs.

Air Liquide also provides food-grade nitrogen systems and services to coffee shops around the world to enable them to dispense rich, creamy nitro coffee.


Alcoholic bevrages and spirits

If you are looking for a subtle gas mixture to create the perfect foam head for your home beer or want to obtain nitrogen or carbon dioxide of constant purity for your wines, we have solutions that can adapt to your activities.

Carbon dioxide for breweries and microbreweries

Air Liquide helps brewers maximise productivity and reduce downtime with more efficient gas supply chain and inventory management, simplified gas system maintenance, and expert safety solutions, all backed by impeccable customer support. Craft brewers rely on our expertise and innovative solutions, as well as the supply of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and argon we provide them.

Solutions de gaz pour l'éñaboration des boissons

Wine production

Air Liquide's solutions meet the needs of each stage of winemaking. Our gases are used in particular to protect the grapes, control the temperatures and concentration of dissolved gases and prevent the risk of oxidation during bottling while lowering the sulphite content.

Discover BOREAL™, the ideal solution for cooling and protecting your grapes against oxidation. This cryogenic process uses equipment with refrigerant gases that bring cold to protect the harvest from oxidation, enzymatic and microbiological, to preserve the freshness and quality of your product.

You can count on our team of gas experts to offer you their
expertise and technical support, as well as a complete range of services and industrial gases.

Produits laitiers

Dairy products

Air Liquide solutions help you achieve optimal production and deliver the freshness and quality your customers demand.

Maintaining the freshness and optimum quality of dairy products through techniques such as milk cooling and freezing, standardization and packaging requires precision and skill.

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