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Industria del papel

Oxygen delignification

Increase pulp quality and reduce production costs by reducing bleaching chemicals such as chlorine dioxide as well as reducing biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and the chemical oxygen demand (COD) of the bleach discharges.

Industria del papel

Black liquor oxidation

Black liquors weak or strong can be treated with pure oxygen in reactors adapted to reduce sulfur emissions and to reduce heat capacity.

Industria del papel

White liquor oxidation

Oxygen enables you to make high quality oxidized liquor while reducing costs. Air Liquide’s high-performance oxygen dissolution systems can operate very efficiently with lower purity oxygen such as VSA oxygen, off-gas coming from an ozonation process and more.

Industria del papel

Tall oil neutralisation

If your sodium/sulfur balance is high in sulfur, using carbon dioxide to replace some sulfuric acid in your tall oil recovery unit is a solution simply achieved with our Air Liquide patented system operating on several industrial sites.

Industria del papel

Lime kiln doping

Oxygen will help de-bottleneck an overloaded lime kiln and lower total reduced sulfur (TRS) emissions. We can help you implement this technology with specific audits, customized air enrichment methods or direct injection.

Industria del papel

Paste washing

Air Liquide supplies carbon dioxide to control pH and reduce chemical and COD loss in the wash.

Industria del papel

Oxidative extraction (Eo)

Eo reduces chlorinated reagents – especially chlorine dioxide – during the bleaching process. Oxygen is often combined with hydrogen peroxide to ensure a greater reduction in chemical uses and resulting organochlorinated products.


Industria del papel

pH balancing in carbon dioxide based paper machines

Easy to implement, carbon dioxide can safely replace acids such as sulfuric acid, alum, or sulfur dioxide in paper machines to enable better pH control and reduce corrosion.


Air Liquide helps you increase your production and reduce your operating costs

Air Liquide is a leading global supplier of industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide that are essential to pulp and paper manufacturers.
Air Liquide collaborates with pulp and paper producers, developing solutions and supplying industrial gases to increase their production, reduce operating costs, improve the safety of their operations and comply with current environmental regulations.

Industria del papel

A wide range of solutions

We offer oxygen, carbon dioxide, ozone and nitrogen solutions for a wide range of applications to help reduce the environmental impact of your pulp and paper production operations.

Air Liquide has solid experience in the application of industrial gases in the Pulp and Paper sector, continually optimising and developing new value-added solutions for its customers.

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To ensure a safe and reliable gas supply, Air Liquide supplies gases to your facility in liquid form, provides FLOXAL™ production systems on-site, and supplies, installs and monitors storage tanks and related equipment.

Our teams will work with you to identify the most reliable and cost-effective gas supply mode based on your purity, flow and volume requirements.

Traitement biologique des eaux usées industrielles

Regarding the environment

Air Liquide provides economical solutions to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals during the delignification phase.

In addition, Air Liquide provides environmentally friendly solutions for recovering chemicals from kraft pulp processing, chlorine-free solutions for bleaching kraft pulp, and environmentally friendly solutions for recovering chemicals from paper processing.

  • Experts in water treatment

Our experts will help you implement the most efficient and greenest wastewater treatment solutions.


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