Steam heated vaporisers provide an easy and cost effective method of vaporising large quantities of liquid CO2 to gas.

Designed for direct connection to the outlet of a bulk storage tank, the steam vaporisers are available with nominal vaporisation capacities of 0.5 te/h, 1.0 te/h and 2.0 te/h. The steam vaporisers are double tube heat exchangers with CO2 in the inner tube and steam in the outer. The whole assembly is inclined at an angle of 10° from the horizontal. The vaporisers conform to PED 2014/68/EU and vessels are constructed to PD 5500 : 2012 Cat II. They are CE marked.

The steam vaporisers are designed to operate with a steam inlet valve and condensate assembly. When large quantities of cool CO2 gas are required, a cold gas pass can be attached to the vaporiser, which will reduce the outlet temperature of the gas. A pressure relief device must be fitted to protect the vaporiser against over-pressure.

Steam Inlet Assembly

The steam inlet valve controls the flow of steam into the vaporiser. It is a bronze globe valve, sized to suit the capacity of the vaporiser, complete with a nipple to connect the valve to the vaporiser inlet port.

Steam Relief Valve

The steam side of the steam vaporiser should be protected against over pressure by the steam relief valve, preset to 7.6 bar. This is threaded R1/2 and screws directly into the steam relief valve connection on the vaporiser body - part number 2224.2207.

Cold Gas Pass
The cold gas pass is an energy-efficient attachment to the steam vaporiser which will cool the out-flowing CO2 gas and reduce steam consumption. The cold gas pass is a single pass tube heat exchanger, arranged so that the incoming low temperature liquid CO2 cools the warm outgoing gas, resulting in cool gas at the outlet point of the assembly.

Condensate Assembly

The condensate assembly is connected to the condensate outlet port on the steam vaporiser and removes water from the system by means of a steam trap. The assembly contains a by-pass, allowing quick drainage before vaporiser start up and continuous use even when the assembly is being maintained. Two sizes are available to suit the three capacities of steam vaporiser.

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