The Snowpack makes individual pellets of dry ice from a carbon dioxide syphon cylinder, which has an internal dip tube.

The Snowpack allows small pellets of dry ice (50mm x 25mm or 100mm x 75mm diameter, depending on model) to be made on the spot, whenever and wherever they are required.
The Snowpack can be used in schools, hospitals, laboratories and research centres, where small quantities of dry ice are frequently required.
The Snowpack is screwed onto the outlet of a CO2 syphon cylinder and is operated by opening and closing the valve.
Once the pellet is made, the cylinder valve is closed, the nylon wrapper on the Snowpack is peeled back, revealing the dry ice pellet, which can be removed wearing protective gloves.

There are two sizes of Snowpack available - 30 gram and 500 gram.

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