Designed for use with liquid CO2 stored in large bulk storage tanks at low pressure or in high pressure cylinders with a syphon tube fitted. Our HP range vaporises CO2 cleanly and effectively.

The vaporisers incorporate high efficiency heating elements and thermal insulation, helping you to keep operating costs to a minimum. The elements are themostatically controlled to give an even CO2 gas output temperature which avoids energy wastage when the gas flow is below full vaporiser capacity. Heat fuses are fitted to all vaporisers to protect from overheating in the event of a thermostat failure.

HP1 CO2 Vaporiser

The HP1 is a high pressure CO2 electric vaporiser containing a 1 kW cartridge heating element. The unit is designed to be wall mounted and connected to either a single CO2 syphon cylinder or to a manifold of cylinders by a high pressure hose or length of 3/8 in o.d. high pressure copper tube.

The HP1 vaporiser has an Rc1/2 inlet connection and a BS341 Part 1 No. 8 CO2 male outlet to take a suitable pressure reducing valve. The HP1 incorporates a safety bursting disc which ruptures at 190 bar.
The heating element is controlled by a thermostat giving a gas outlet temperature of about 70°C. The thermostat is protected by a separate heat fuse. A neon light indicates when the heating element is in operation. The whole assembly is
mounted in a sturdy splash proof steel casing.

HP3 CO2 Vaporiser

The HP3 is a 3 kW electric vaporiser designed for use with manifolded CO2 syphon cylinders or with a CO2 bulk storage tank.
Liquid CO2 enters the HP3 and is vaporised into gas.
The CO2 gas temperature is controllable over a temperature range of 50°C to 80°C. A pressure regulator should be fitted to control output pressure.

The vaporiser is designed to be wall mounted. The inlet and outlet connections are Rc3/8.
The vaporiser requires a 230 V single phase supply. The 3 off 1 kW elements are protected by a heat fuse.
A pressure relief device must be fitted to protect the vaporiser against over pressure (see item 3).
An interlocked switch is fitted to ensure electrical supply is disconnected when the door is opened.

HP6, HP12, HP18 & HP24 CO2 Vaporisers

Redesigned to exacting customer standards the HP6 range of electric vaporisers are designed for connection to CO2 bulk storage tanks or large manifolds of CO2 syphon cylinders.
Single vaporisers should be mounted on a raised stool (Part Number 2224.0423).
NB: HP12, HP18 & HP24 units include a pre attached stool.

When high CO2 vaporisation rates are required, the HP6 (6 kW) can be stacked up to 4 high and piped in series, to effectively create HP12 (12 kW), HP18 (18 kW) or HP24 (24 kW) vaporisers. Each HP6 module is self contained, with a
separate analog temperature controller and contactor, which ensures that each element only needs to be switched on as demand increases, saving energy when demand is low.

The inlet and outlet connections on the HP6 are 3/4 in n.b. steel pipe compression fittings and are located at the back of the unit. Adapters terminating in R3/4 are also provided. Each HP6 requires a 400 V, 3 phase, 4 wire power supply. Three 2 kW elements are cast within an aluminium heating block, each protected by a thermal heat fuse. A pressure relief device must be fitted to protect the vaporiser against over-pressure.

The heat fuse elements are pure tin links which are connected in the line supply to the heating elements. In the event of an excessive temperature rise the electrical supply is interrupted.
The analog temperature controller switches the 20 A 3-Phase contactor and is adjustable over a temperature range of 50°C to 80°C.
The normal operating temperature for the unit is 50°C to 70°C.

Three 2 A miniature circuit breakers, located within the equipment, provide short circuit and overload protection.
A light, mounted on the front panel, will signal when the main electrical supply is on. Three LED’s, each connected to an element, indicate when that element is functioning. An interlocked isolating switch is fitted to ensure the electrical supply is isolated when the door is opened.

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