Air Liquide offer a range of three high quality containers for Cardice (dry ice) storage.

All three containers are rotomoulded from food-grade polyethylene, which ensures compliance with hygiene requirements for food contact and corrosion resistance.

    Hygienic construction from food-grade materials
    Top quality polyurethane insulation better than 0.4 W/m2/°C
    Storage loss of 3-4% per day or less
    Flush fittings, clean lines, no protrusions
    Wide range of sizes to suit all users
    Durable construction from rotomoulded polyethylene
    Rust-proof passivated steel fittings


The insulation is in-situ injected expanded polyurethane foam (free of both CFCs and HCFCs) which exceeds the requirements of ATP Heavily Insulated Class C standard, having thermal coefficients of less than 0.4 W/m2/°C.

Depending on environmental conditions (temperature, wind, etc.) loss rates of 3% to 4% per day or even less can be achieved.
Container lids are fitted with special low-temperature silicone seals to prevent the ingress of moisture but readily allow excess carbon dioxide gas to escape.

The design of all three containers includes integral, moulded-in flush handles and flush-fitted lid catches to present a smooth box shape with no protrusions.
The 50K has a single cantilever catch and integral moulded-in feet and handles.

For mobility a castor base can be supplied as an extra (Part No. 2231.0306).

The 160K has a single cantilever catch and is supplied fitted with four tubular steel feet to allow fork lift truck access, if required. A set of castors (two fixed and two steerable with brakes) is supplied loose with the 160K, so it can be converted into a mobile unit. The lid opens to 110° so it is stable when in the open position. A pair of stand-off brackets is supplied to allow the unit to be placed hard up against a wall without danger of the lid falling on users. A drain plug is fitted to facilitate cleaning.

The 330K has two cantilever catches and is supplied fitted with four tubular steel feet to allow fork lift truck access, if required. A set of castors (Part No. 2231.0407) (two swivel and two swivel with brakes) can be supplied as an extra. The lid is fitted with two gas struts to assist opening and to prevent the
lid falling when open. The 330K is also fitted with a drain plug to facilitate cleaning.

Both the 160K and the 330K are fitted with passivated steel base plates and lid inserts to allow stacking. Two 160Ks can be stacked on one 330K, if required.


Type Part No. Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Empty
weight (kg)
50k 2231.0305 580 (410) 600 (415) 500 (315) 16
160k 2231.0401 1050 (695) 800 (580) 590 (370) 46
330k 2231.0403 1050 (700) 1200 (1000) 800 (600) 90


Capacity for different forms of dry ice


Type Blocks Bags of pellets Loose pellets (kg)
50k 4 4 50
160k 14 10 160
330k 30 25 330


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