Why use acetylene?

Air Liquide manufactures pure acetylene for different applications.

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For welding and cutting

Acetylene is a fuel gas that, together with oxygen, is used for welding and cutting steel, soldering, flame cleaning and flame direction. Acetylene provides the hottest temperature applied in industrial processes. Acetylene-oxygen is a highly productive gas combination that can reach flame temperatures of upwards of 3150 °C. Oxyacetylene provides optimal localized heating with minimal waste heat. The flame has a very low degree of humidity, which makes it a good choice in many critical heating applications.

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High temperature coating

When introduced into a high temperature flame (e.g. an oxy-fuel flame), acetylene is cracked and decomposes into native carbon.

This is deposited on the nearest cold walls, for example the molds into which the molten glass will be introduced to make bottles...

Gaz ALPHAGAZ™ Air Liquide

Acetylene for calibration

Air Liquide also markets ALPHAGAZ™ 1 acetylene with a purity of 99.6% for use as an instrument gas in flame atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS).



Glass and metals

Coating: lubrication of production molds (glass, aluminium, etc.)

Mechanical / metal construction

With oxygen: oxy-acetylene torch for welding and cutting


Analytical Chemistry

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