Smältning och gjutning.


Smältning och gjutning.

Air Liquide supplies industrial gases and oxy-fuel burners for casting processes, e.g. ladle preheating and melting.

Air Liquide's EGAL (Expanding Gas Air Liquide) process uses liquid gases, argon and nitrogen, to limit the contact between molten metal and the gases in the air, such as oxygen, nitrogen and water vapour, during the melting process.

Air Liquide's SPAL technology for inerting the melt results in fewer defects and improved mechanical properties of the metal as well as reduced cassation during casting.

Primary melting


Air Liquide offers a solution for primary melting where high oxygen content is used. By reducing the nitrogen content, you get a higher temperature and a reduction in heat losses via the exhaust gases.

Ladle metallurgy

Fabrication métallique

Air Liquide supplies argon and nitrogen for ladle metallurgy. The gas is used to mix and clean the molten steel.

EAF and AOD-processes

Electric arc furnace.

EAF processes
Air Liquide offers solutions for steel mills using oxy-fuel combustion to optimize productivity in Electric Arc Furnace (EAF). Oxygen is also supplied via launching.

AOD processes
Air Liquide offers industrial gases, gas equipment and services for AOD processes (Argon Oxygen Decarburization) for you who produce steel. We deliver the gas on tanks, gas bottles or via production units managed by us, on site at your location.

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