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Argon as a shielding gas for welding

Gases for welding - Air Liquide

Argon pure gas and CO2 gas mixtures are used in shielded arc processes for welding aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, copper and carbon steel. Used as a shielding gas in arc welding, root shielding and plasma cutting applications, argon provides an inert atmosphere to prevent oxidation or other chemical/metallurgical changes that would be detrimental to the weld.

Air Liquide offers ARCAL™ brand of high purity argon and COgas mixtures, with four ready-to-weld products that cover practically any welding application which is easy to use, reliable and efficient.

In stainless steel manufacturing, argon prevents interaction between liquid metal and the surrounding atmosphere.

Argon for laboratories

Kalibrering och analys

Ultra-high-purity ALPHAGAZ™ branded argon is produced in laboratories for gas chromatography, zeroing, and other process-control applications. ALPHAGAZ 1000 – argon in cryogenic liquid form at 99.999% purity – is employed when large volumes of gas are used with inductively coupled plasma (ICP) and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) instruments.

Argon in healthcare

Medicinska gaser.

In medicine and biotechnology, argon is used, among other things, in cryosurgery to destroy cancer cells and in laser surgery. Argon has been used experimentally to reduce levels of dissolved nitrogen in blood.

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