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We innovate to develop sustainable energy solutions.

Air Liquide aims to power the world with clean and renewable energy sources. We innovate to develop sustainable energy solutions for the transportation, material handling, and electric power industries.



Clean mobility

Air Liquide is a key player in the growing hydrogen energy sector, with expertise in hydrogen production, refueling infrastructure and end-user applications.

Clean and renewable hydrogen energy solutions offer an answer to the challenges of clean transportation: reducing greenhouse gases, the local pollution of our cities and our dependence on oil-based fuels. Electric vehicles with hydrogen fuel cells generate zero polluting emissions, zero particles and zero noise. These vehicles are efficient in long-distance travel, with a travel range of 450 kilometers, as well as a refueling time of less than five minutes.

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More efficient material handling

Air Liquide's hydrogen energy solutions are at the forefront of sustainable solutions in the industry today. We help move fleets around the world to achieve more efficient, profitable and responsible means of handling materials. Hydrogen-powered forklift and pallet truck fleets improve productivity while reducing carbon dioxide emissions at the point of use


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Renewable energy

Our activities related to renewable energies include solutions to capture and improve biogas from sources such as landfills, to produce clean and renewable natural gas from sewage sludge, this gas can be used for the electricity, heating or transportation.

Air Liquide provides solutions for biogas upgrading and biomethane liquefaction. Hydrogen can also be used for power and grid resiliency in fuel cell and storage applications.

Electricity for isolated plants


We provide sustainable energy for the power supply of remote plants through high-pressure hydrogen logistics and fuel cell systems. Another possible use is to generate electricity for emergency services or first aid during exceptional events, in isolated placed.

Hydrogen powered forklifts and pallet trucks

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Hydrogen powered trucks using advanced fuel cell technology make any operation more efficient and cheaper. By eliminating the need for battery recharging and maintenance, hydrogen powered trucks provide a 2% to 5% productivity gain over traditional lead-acid battery-powered vehicles.

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