Improve safety, save time, save money


Work safely

On/off lever for instantaneous gas cut-off; valve protected by anti-shock protective cap; safe opening at high pressure thanks to the integrated flow limiter; SMARTOP™ adapts to all types of regulators and by maintaining a minimum residual pressure in the cylinder prevents any risk of contamination.


Save time

  • Instant opening and closing with on-off lever
  • immediate viewing of content at any time
  • easier handling with the ergonomic handle


Save gas

No gas leaks with the on/off lever - instant content verification (even with the bottle closed)


Available cylinder sizes

L50 for the ARCAL™ range.

SMARTOP™ is also available for pure gases from the  ALPHAGAZ™ range.

SMARTOP™ simplifies the use of your gas cylinder


The on/off lever

  • Easy opening with ON/OFF Lever
  • Instant visualisation of the open/closed position
SMARTOP indicateurs visibles

Integrated pressure gauge

  • Pressure control at a glance
  • Permanent display of the level even bottle closed
SMARTOP™ jauge de pression intégrée

The positive pressure valve and the non-return device

  • Maintaining a residual pressure in the bottle
  • Absence of rising impurities during use and storage
SMARTOP chapeau ergonomique

Ergonomic cap

  • Easy grip of the bottle
  • Easy connection of the regulator
  • Permanent and reliable head protection
SMARTOP tête de bouteille pour différentes gamme de produits

Available for different product lines

SMARTOP™ is compatible with ARCAL™ welding gas cylinders and ALPHAGAZ™ calibration cylinders.


Video presentation

SMARTOP™ video for laboratory gases ALPHAGAZ™

SMARTOP™ is Air Liquide's cylinder top for special gases, pure gases or gas mixtures intended for research and analysis laboratories.

Alphagaz Smartop brochure

Product sheet


Air Liquide combines the benefits of the SMARTOP™ valve with its entire ALPHAGAZ™ range.

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