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Our gases and solutions for the leisure and hospitality sector

Aligal Drink

Beer gas & drinks dispense gases for the leisure Industry

Air Liquide offer a range of beer gas & drinks dispense cylinder gases. We offer CO2 and mixed beer gases in 30/70, 50/50 and 60/40 blends of CO2/Nitrogen. Air Liquide cylinders are supplied through wholesalers and most accounts should operate this way. Most cylinder accounts use brewery regulators, so will not have any other Air Liquide equipment on site other than cylinders.

Sizing Guide
The best dispense method for any outlet is dependant on the needs of the business. In most cases, an assessment should be done on what will be the best product, prior to making a quotation. Typically this will be cylinders for the smallest outlets, then enhancers up to a Drinks Dispense Unit (DDU) for progressively larger businesses.

Cylinders sizes for our typical beer gases are as below:

Pure CO2: 3.15Kg / 6.35Kg / 22.6Kg / 34Kg

Mixed gas:
30/70 10L or 47L
60/40 10L
50/50 10L

Beer gas - Nitrogen drinks dispense unit

Entité boisson - CO2 alimentaire, matériel et services pour les brasseries

Air Liquide are a world leader in the management of On-Site Nitrogen Systems and have been developing equipment over the last 30 years.

Recognised by all the major brewers in the UK, Air Liquide have thousands of Nitrogen Drinks Dispense Units installed nationally and internationally in all market sectors from clubs, managed operators, free trade through to tenanted outlets.

Balloon gas

Ballons gonflés à l'hélium

A wide range of Balloon Gas supply options to suit all requirements, available nationwide. Push your brands and products higher with gas filled balloons. Whether it be promotions, celebrations or events, give them a lift.

Air Liquide UK Limited offer a nationwide distribution service on all cylinder sizes and associated equipment via its dedicated national vehicle fleet and its extensive agency network of delivery and call/collect centres.

From single 10 litre cylinders for single small scale events to manifolded multi-cylinder packs for ‘advertising’ blimps ‘Para Bounce’ rides and Airships. Air Liquide UK have the solution forevery occasion.

  • Ideal for promotional launches
  • Garage forecourt display
  • Restaurants
  • Product placement
  • Open days
  • Conferences
  • Shows
  • Exhibitions
Patio heater leisure

LPG for heating

Air Liquide UK has a long and positive history of supplying customers in the Leisure and Hospitality industries with LPG for heating indoor and outdoor spaces, cooking and water heating as well as for BBQ’s. LPG provides a flexible and cost effective solution for all your heating and hot water needs to keep your customers warm, comfortable and satisfied on your premises. 

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