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LASAL™ laser gases for cutting


Reliability and performance

Reliability and performance must match the investment made. The gases used by your laser represent a small part of the cost of production, however, a good choice of gas and its correct use will allow you to obtain the best profitability and reliability from your laser equipment.


Better productivity and quality

LASAL™ laser gases, specially designed by Air Liquide for laser cutting, offer you maximum safety in the use of your laser equipment, improve productivity and quality, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and extend the life of your laser.



Depending on the type of materials and your application, our experts can help you choose the gases from the LASAL™ range. The precise knowledge of the influence of gases on the performance of laser generators and the mastery of cutting processes have given rise to LASAL™.

Our range of LASAL™ gases for laser technologies

Our laser gases for CO₂ laser technologies, and our process gases from the LASAL™ range for all types of LASER, are specially designed by Air Liquide in compliance with specifications. They have the advantage of improving productivity and quality as well as the appearance of parts, reducing operating and maintenance costs, and extending the life of the lasers.

Soudage et découpe aux gaz laser

Air Liquide has defined laser gases for each type of laser source according the manufacturers' specifications

  • LASAL™ laser gases - Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and Helium - can be supplied separately or pre-mixed, depending on the laser source used
  • Our pure LASAL™ gases are prepared under strict quality control procedures

With the gradual increase in laser power, laser cutting now makes it possible to address greater thicknesses while still guaranteeing high precision. The LASAL range is adapted to this increase in power and your consumption: the most used gases are also available in frames of different sizes to best suit your use.


Generator gas

The choice and quality of the gases are crucial to ensure the reliability of your laser generator, the life of your optical system and the stability and optimisation of the power delivered.

Our pure gases and LASAL™ blends - Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Helium - are prepared under strict quality control procedures that remove virtually all impurities such as moisture, hydrocarbons and particulates.

Coupage laser

Assist gases

Whatever your application, the LASAL™ range meets your requirements in terms of productivity, quality of finish and reproducible performance.
The gases of the LASAL™ range guarantee the best use of your laser equipment.

Transportation industry

The materials

LASAL™ dispensing materials and operating procedures have been designed to ensure that the quality of LASAL™ gas is maintained from cylinder to laser inlet, giving you comfort and safety in operating your equipment laser.

LASAL™ packaging


The LASAL range offers advanced cylinder packaging, designed for safer, more reliable operation.

LASAL cylinders for lasing feature:

  • SCANDINA™ Cap for easy manoeuvring to reduce risk of accidents
  • Residual Pressure Valves (RPV) maintain gas quality by preventing back flow into cylinder
  • Stringent impurity tolerances ensure your laser operates at its very best
  • Strict Batch Control and labelling ensuring full traceability

Assist Gases are available in:

  • High pressure, high flow Nitrogen packs to meet ever more demanding applications
  • High purity Oxygen enabling faster, cleaner cutting
FDS - couverture blanc - Air Liquide

Safety data

Safety data sheets LASALTM

Discover the different safety data sheets for the specific range of Air Liquide gases for laser applications: LASALTM.

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