Récupération de COV

This solution has many advantages such as :


Fewer emissions

Air Liquide carries out feasibility studies and guides you in your VOC recovery projects. Recovery methods are more environmentally friendly and ensure the safety of your employees. The VOC reduction techniques supported by Air Liquide solutions do not emit additional emissions such as dioxins.  The reduction efficiency can reach > 99 %.


Expertise and flexibility

Air Liquide supports you every step of the way. Through an emissions analysis, our experts are able to offer you the best available technology for your needs, at an affordable price and in a timely manner. The solution is personalised according to your application. Our solutions have been applied in different sectors and can be adapted to your specific demands.


Cost reduction through solvent recovery

Solvent recovery is a solution to reduce your production costs. Precise diagnostics and equipment sizing allow you to optimise the quantity of solvents recovered, thus increasing the return on your investment. Solvents are recovered at high purity levels and can be reused directly in the process. Depending on the technology used, nitrogen gas can also be recycled in the process.



The use of Nitrogen is an intrinsically safe solution, suitable for any solvent and which has already been applied in different industrial activities.


Two recovery technologies with deep expertise

You will be able to benefit from our know-how from design to operation. Our teams and our partner are at your disposal to offer you personalised and complete solutions: feasibility study, engineering, manufacturing, installation, training, operation and maintenance.


Cryogenic condensation

Recovery of high concentrated solvents at rates between 30 and 1000m3/h. Nitrogen cools VOC vapors for condensation and allows recovery of any low temperature solvent, including halogenated or high value-added solvents.

  • Recovery of high added value solvents
  • Suitable for high concentrations
  • High efficiency (up to 99%)

Absorption with Nitrogen regeneration

Adsorption and desorption of activated carbon by hot Nitrogen. Activated carbon can be reused. Recommended for water-soluble solvents, mainly ketones, esters, alcohols and halogenated compounds.

  • Recovery of high added value solvents
  • Suitable for high or unstable flow rates
  • Suitable for water soluble solvents
  • High efficiency (up to 99%)
Approvisionnement en gaz liquide - Air Liquide

Experts at your service

Air Liquide experts are at your service from the analysis of your emissions, to the selection of technology and the installation of the advanced recovery unit. We offer our expertise through a comprehensive package, including:

  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies (analysis, choice of technology, economics)
  • A selection of tailor-made technologies
  • Design and installation of equipment in collaboration with specialised engineering companies.
  • A network of Nitrogen supply and distribution piping

Air Liquide has been providing VOC recovery solutions for over three decades.

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