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Using air for analysis

Kalibrering och analys

Air from Air Liquide contains low levels of impurities, which means that the reliability of your analysis results will be better and that you can extend the service intervals of your lab instruments and detectors. We offer you a range of different purities of air.

ALPHAGAZ™ 1 and ALPHAGAZ 2 are the premier grades used in research and analysis, and work perfectly in applications such as flame gas (GC, FID, AAS, THC, FPD), process gas (LCMS and NMR), purge gas (FTIR) and zero gas (FTIR).

Medical air

Medicinska gaser.

Medical Air Liquide is an over-the-counter medicine that must be used according to a doctor's prescription. Medical air has many uses in healthcare, especially in respiratory care. It is also used as a carrier gas in inhalation therapy (nebulization therapy) and as part of the fresh gas flow in anaesthesia.

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