How Air Liquide's pure CO₂ injection solution meets your needs


Improved productivity and quality

The CO2 present in the atmosphere must be compensated as it is consumed by plants. Its enrichment to reach CO2 concentrations of 800-1000 ppm in the air (depending on the plants) increases the photosynthetic yield. It has the effect of shortening the growth period by 5-10%, improving the quality of plants, the size and thickness of leaves. This makes it possible to obtain better production yields.


Energy efficient

To be distributed as close as possible to the plants, the carbon dioxide delivered in liquid form is transformed into gas on site by natural vaporization without energy consumption. It is a virtuous technical alternative to techniques for recovering CO 2 by heating and fossil combustion when temperatures reach 20°C.


Virtuous solution for the environment

The CO₂ used is recovered from emissions from industrial applications (such as hydrogen and bioethanol production plants, etc.) which emit it during their own processes. The recovered CO₂ is liquefied and purified in order to be used in various sectors, including agriculture. Its transformation by plants in greenhouses allows it to be sequestered, reducing the impact of global warming.

Air Liquide's CO₂ enrichment offer for greenhouses

Air Liquide offers you a solution designed according to your needs as well as its expertise in the implementation of gases in complete safety.


Supply of CO₂ (carbon dioxide)


Air Liquide has a very large number of CO₂ sources in Europe. The liquid CO₂ from these sources is delivered by tank truck to a tank made available to you by Air Liquide. Its capacity depends on your consumption.

Air Liquide offers automatic management of your deliveries thanks to remote level monitoring.

Installation of CO₂ gas

expert Air Liquide

Our technicians will install the most effective solution for you, depending on the configuration of your greenhouse. The system includes the following main equipment:

  1. Vaporizing the C02 by means of a heater
  2. A distribution system comprising the necessary equipment: pressure reducer, flow meter (at the required pressures and flow rates) and shut-off valve.


Expert in charge of teaching

Our specialists support you throughout your project. They study with you different technical solutions depending on:

  • The surface and volume of greenhouses
  • The types of plants grown
  • The optimal CO2 concentration required
  • The number of air changes in the greenhouse per hour

They work in close coordination with your subcontractors who ensure the distribution part in the greenhouse.

CO₂ requirements of plants

Culture Concentration CO2 (ppm) Benefits
Plants (cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, melon, watermelon, etc.) 1000 - 1500 - Increase in plans (number of vegetables)
Potted plants (Begonia, hydrangea, etc.) 1000 - 2000 - Earlier flowering
- Increased size (gain in dry matter)
Green plants (Ficus, croton…)    800 - Increase in leaf area
- Earlier flowering
Flowers (Rose, Chrysanthemum, tulip…) 1000 - 1200 - Earlier flowering
- Increase in the resistance of the rods
- Better flower quality


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