AS50C benefits

Entité boisson - CO2 alimentaire, matériel et services pour les brasseries
  • Cost Savings: Full range of Carbon Dioxide and Mixed Gas cylinders used by all National & Regional Brewers
  • Health and Safety: Enables reduction in number of cylinders stored and reduces cylinder handling for personnel
  • Peace of Mind: Proven technology backed by 365 days per year technical support to ensure continuous dispense capability
  • Mixed Gas: Mixed gas is blended to 30/70 and 60/40 mixes. Mixed gas is then used to dispense beer from keg. CO2 is on tap to dispense your continental lagers

Power and control in your cellar


The latest evolution of the superb AS50 Drinks Dispense Unit, the AS50C, provides economy and control for the successful Publican.

The AS50C enables your business to grow at minimum cost; it offers flexibility to offer a huge range of drinks with the convenience of all your gas regulators and controls in one box.

Designed for pub and club cellars, this compact unit produces nitrogen which is then mixed with CO2 and used for beer and soft drinks dispense.

How the Air Liquide Nitrogen drinks dispense unit works

AS50C 2

The equipment utilises a specially designed separator which produces nitrogen directly from the atmosphere and stores it in service and reserve cylinders. The nitrogen is then blended with CO2 as required to produce mixed gas for dispense.

Nitrogen receivers can be stored outside, if required, creating more space in your cellar to store kegs.

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