Your Enhanced Air Separation Unit in the Midlands

10/10/2022 • 1 minute

ASU midlands

Air Liquide’s modern ASU is designed to efficiently separate air into its primary components: nitrogen, oxygen and argon.

Your enhanced ASU in the Midlands area

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Strategically placed at the heart of British industry, our investment in a modern Air Separation Unit (ASU) provides you with an unique opportunity to access quality gases and process expertise that can deliver real cost savings.

World class expertise for reliable and flexible gas supply

Air Liquide has the world class expertise and flexibility in gas supply needed by industrial actors. Our supply chain is backed by standardized technologies, qualification processes and information systems that ensure reliability and safety while optimizing logistics. Thanks to our streamlined operations and our presence in the major international industrial basins, we are able to reduce our environmental footprint while delivering gases anytime, anywhere.

To this end, Air Liquide is a partner of choice for industrial actors. We accompany our customers and provide advanced capabilities from dedicated on-site supply and extended pipeline networks to individual packaged gas.

Take this opportunity to optimise the benefits Air Liquide can provide, reduce costs, increase process efficiency and benefit from specialised expertise. 
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