Energas in education: The new student support scheme boosting regional welding skills

28/07/2023 • 2 mins

Bradford college

Energas has launched a new initiative to give student welders a head start. Bradford College has become the first institution to implement the Fabrication Excellence Student Support Scheme which will enhance existing college welding equipment, offer grassroots exposure to Energas products and services, and deliver safety and technical advice.

The scheme has been established in response to the global welder shortage worsened by Brexit and COVID-19. By creating a presence in educational settings and supporting students through their welding qualifications, Energas is helping to reduce future strain on the industry with half the nation’s welders expected to retire by 2027.

Bradford College Trinity Green Campus will be using the state-of-the-art equipment to train students at all levels - from those starting out in the field to experienced welders looking to upskill in new techniques and individuals joining new part-time/night classes. 

Tony Carter, Lecturer in Fabrication and Welding at Bradford College, said:

“We’re delighted with the bespoke package of support Bradford College has been offered, taking into account our specific needs as an education provider. Energas will now be the go-to welding equipment and gas supplier for all students, including workwear, PPE, and ongoing consumable supplies.

“This mutually beneficial agreement is driving footfall into the local Energas branch and increasing web traffic while also giving our students access to the latest industry equipment and sector knowledge.”

Safety is a crucial focus within the scheme and support materials have been designed for all skill sets. The aim is to enhance student’s awareness of gases, equipment, storage, handling, and transportation used in metal fabrication processes. They will also benefit from an Energas discount scheme and QR codes for quick access to offers and support in a dedicated section of the Energas website.

Bradford College has placed a large order with Energas Bradford for eight high-quality Lincoln Electric welding machines for MIG and TIG applications, plus a range of other metal fabrication cutting and welding equipment.

In recognition of the collaboration, Bradford College has also placed the Energas logo on welding marketing materials, new learner welcome packs, departmental banners, and safety posters to boost the Bradford Energas branch presence within student learning spaces.

Forbes England, Fabrication Excellence Market Manager for Energas, said:

“Welding is an essential trade for future economic growth in the UK and so collaborative work like this is vital if we are to stop the decline in skilled welding professionals.

“This is a fantastic example of a local business, Energas Bradford, supporting nearby welding education at Bradford College. By partnering together, we are united in our ambition to attract more individuals into a diverse and exciting industry offering international job opportunities across sectors and specialisms.” 

The Fabrication Excellence Student Support Scheme is set to be deployed to many more welder training establishments across the UK.