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Purchase & refill of Albee gas cylinders

Albee Air Liquide

When the bottle is empty - refill the gas

You can buy refills for your Albee™ gas bottle at one of our national UK agents. You only pay for the gas, not for a new gas bottle.

Purchase of new Albee gas bottle

If you need to buy a brand new Albee gas bottle, 5L or 11L you can do it at our dealers.

Once you have purchased an Albee™ bottle, ownership is yours. Your bottle complies with the law when it comes to maintenance, pressure testing and gas filling. The bottle is the property of the buyer, and therefore cannot be bought back. Empty gas bottles can only be exchanged for gas bottles of the same size and same gas, unless you wish to pay the difference.

Advantages of Albee gas cylinders

  • Rent-free gas cylinders - no rents and no leases to monitor that need to be extended and paid in advance.
  • Built-in regulator - we take care of servicing it.
  • The content meter - gives you an answer to how much gas is left in the bottle
  • With the quick coupling on the hose, you can quickly get started with the work.
  • The ergonomic handle allows you to take the bottle with you in hard-to-reach places
  • 5- or 11L cylinders that are easy to carry.
  • The operating weight in your car is significantly reduced compared to a 20L bottle.

Typical Albee users


albee lantbrukare

"I need a gas cylinder that is easy to take with me to my welding jobs on the farm".

As a farmer, I need to be able to solve my welding jobs quickly. Sometimes the work has to be done outside and not in the workshop, and then the Albee gas cylinder comes in handy.

The Albee bottle is easy to handle and equipped with what I need. The 11L bottle is not too heavy to handle, and the built-in handle makes the bottle easy to take with you - everywhere.

The 11 liter bottle is more than enough for my maintenance work on the farm. With ALbee, I also avoid rental agreements that must be extended and paid in advance.

  • Welding on agricultural machinery
  • Weld fences & gates
  • Do minor welding work on the farm


albee VVS

"Profitability and security are important to me as a small business owner".

Albee gas bottle is perfect for me who constantly moves between different service tasks.

For us small business owners, it is important to get profitability in the jobs, while at the same time we must work safely. Carrying a 20-liter gas cylinder up stairwells and culverts is heavy and cumbersome. With Albee, it's easy to get around, thanks to the bottle's flexibility and easy-to-grip handle. My work thus becomes safer, faster and more ergonomic.


That's a lot of man that plumbers have to carry in the car, and when I switched to the ALbee gas cylinder, I reduced the curb weight significantly.

  • MAG welding in stainless steel
  • Gives good arc stabilizing effect
  • Gives a high finish on the weld joint

Motor sport enthusiast


"I avoid the rental agreements and would rather spend the money on spare parts".

As a motorsport enthusiast, I can't stop renovating and rebuilding old cars. There will be a lot of welding work at the beginning of a project, and then I think the Albee gas cylinder fits perfectly.

I also avoid rental contracts on the bottle, which can otherwise be financially burdensome. I'd rather spend the money on spare parts! With the 11-liter bottle, I manage for a long time and well.

When it's race day, it's easy to bring the gas cylinder and welding equipment to make necessary repairs on site.

  • Weld car parts together
  • Weld together sheet metal
  • Weld an exhaust pipe

Storage manager at a production & maintenance company

ALbee underhåll

"We chose a gas cylinder that is good for our employees".

Our employees carry out welding and repair work in places that are sometimes very difficult to access. Carrying 20- or 50-liter gas cylinders up on high stands or into narrow passages and culverts is extremely demanding and cumbersome. Carrying a cutting stand 40 meters up is not good for anyone. We care about the employees' health and therefore want them to work ergonomically and safely.

By using Albee, employees can perform their work faster and with less stress. Work becomes safer and more ergonomic. With a gas cylinder that takes up less space, it is also possible to have more sets of equipment in the warehouse. It becomes easier to plan work and efficiency increases.

With the quick coupling on the hose, we can quickly get started with the work and we don't have to look for a regulator, it is built in.

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